1. How do you choose books?
By good titles and good covers, by bad titles and bad covers, or by pulling them blindly off the shelf at the library (best method). I try to avoid shitty books ranked below 1,000,000 on Amazon.com, as I’m not interested in kicking the little guys. Exceptions are made to this rule, however.

2. Aren’t you just an asshole who can’t write, so you pick on people who do?

3. Where’s the rating system?
I believe every book to be shitty (or not shitty) in its own subjective way. I may comment at length about the first three pages of a book, or about the author’s appearance, but its up to the reader to decide if page 4 is worth a look.

4. Do you hate writers?
No. I have intense respect for them, even the bad ones. Writing a complete novel is an accomplishment and I admire anyone who can get through it. This, however, does not mean the novel should necessarily be read.

Note: FAQ is currently 100% made up. 

3 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. I’ve never used RSS in my life, and this is the site that finally convinced me to do it. Is the site still updated? I look at the reviews, share bits of them with others, and genuinely laugh — and it’s difficult to make me laugh. Eh, maybe I’ve arrived during a break? … More than anything, I hope all’s well with our intrepid reviewer.

    • Most of my attention these days is going to dwicefox.com, but shittybooks will be periodically updated for sure. Thanks!

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